Grocery Shopping: What Foodsaver Model is Right for Me? ~ 5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries
5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grocery Shopping: What Foodsaver Model is Right for Me?

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In a recent post, we talk about Foodsaver: Martha Stewart Endorsement. Read that post if you are unclear about what a foodsaver is and how it can save you tons of money.

This post will help you identify the best foodsaver model for you. Foodsaver comes in various shapes and sizes along with a variety of prices. The prices range from $87.35 to $158.35 and the higher the prices, the more automated the model. We will look at the top 3 models so that you can make more informed decision.
  1. Tilia Advanced V2490 FoodSaver Vacuum-Packaging System - This is the one of the cheaper models of the foodsaver priced at approximately $87.35. It is very efficient and provides the same commercial grade vacuum seal which is the only part of the sealing process which is automated. You will need to make sure you keep scissors handy to cut the storage bag and it fits conveniently it your kitchen cabinet. I am mentioning this because my kitchen is small so I need to always keep my kitchen cabinet as clear as possible and if this is one of your concerns you know what to expect.

  • This is a great counter top model which has an inside compartment for a storage bag roll and a built-in cutter so that you have everything at your fingertip to commence sealing. It also features handsfree sealing, canister and marinate mode. The kit includes an 11-inch roll, 3 quart-size bags and 2 gallon-size bags so you will not need to order
  • anything separately.

  • This model is the same as the V3480 except it is stainless steel and model V3480 is white.
  • Any model you order is a great value for the money.It is simply a matte making a purchasing decision based on you budget and the style of model. I personally recommend Tilia Advanced V2490 FoodSaver Vacuum-Packaging System even though it is one of the cheaper models because it offers the same features as the more expensive models such as handfree operation and canister mode without a great expense.

    If you use a foodsaver consistently, it will pay for itself within 2-3 months depending on the amount of spoilage you were experiencing prior using the foodsaver. I noticed a dramatic deduction in 1 month of using the foodsaver consistently. The only time I experience spoilage now is if I don’t take the time out to store the food using a foodsaver.

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