Why buy a Fooodsaver? ~ 5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries
5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why buy a Fooodsaver?

4 Easy Steps To Save Money on Groceries:

#1 - Read: Better Groceries for Less and learn how I save $50 or more on my groceries week after week.
#2 - Print: Free Grocery Coupons.

#3 - Subscribe to newsletter: recieve Free updates on how to save money on groceries in your Inbox.
#4 - Buy a Foodsaver to reduce the amount of food you throw away. I did and I save $50 or more per month by using a foodsaver alone.

It's that simple.

In a previous post we talked about which foodsaver model to buy, now let's talk about why buy a foodsaver?

Using a foodsaver is an easy way to save on groceries, you just using it and begin to save money.

I first found out about foodsavers about 10 years ago on an infomercial, it was quite pricey I felt at $199.99. However, if it worked as claimed and resulted in me saving money I felt it was worth the money. At the time I ate out alot so when I went grocery shopping, I figure about a 1/3 of it would go to waste. I am embarassed to tell you that I put about $50 or more of my hard earned money in the garbage each month without giving it much thought. Sure I hated putting the food in the trash, but it didn't dawn on me that I was actually throwing money in the garbage. DUH! Then I saw the foodsaver informercial and a lightbulb went off when I they pointed out how your are wasting money when you throw food in the garbage. When you think of throwing food in the garbage it not limited to uncooked groceries you let get moldy, it also includes leftovers you forget in the refrigerator. Money down the drain.

Now I use the foodsaver religiously, check out the benefits of having a foodsaver.

I am glad that I decided to buy a foodsaver because it has greatly improved the quality of my life. I no longer throw money down the drain which makes my cheap groceries even cheaper because very little goes to waste. The foodsaver is easy to use and much better than putting food in food storage bags with a vacuum seal and helps keep me organized by being stackable.

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Anjoli Wax said...

What a great list! All of your suggestions make a lot of sense.

The cooking part is the hardest for me, but I'm big on oven cooking. Anything and everything can go in the oven and I can be doing other things while my chicken cutlets or salmon burgers are under the broiler.

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Ben said...

Good, simple ideas for saving money on groceries. Thanks for sharing.

home brewing said...

What a great idea the foodsaver is. I hate throwing food away, its such a waste. Why go to all the trouble of saving money on groceries in the first place using discount voucher codes only to throw the food away?